Our mission

Easy, seamless, affordable IT integrations for every supply chain

We offer a platform for fast and easy digital integration of your supply chain. By combining an advanced set of integrations, a modern front-end, zero upfront risk, and personalised technical support, we have created the world's easiest platforms for setting up a digital supply chain.


Our story

Every day, millions of orders, invoices, inventory level and location checks, and supply chain paperwork move throughout global supply chains.

Despite often working with a consistent set of providers, many companies are still sending these orders and inventory requests manually via email or phone call.

This is because it is often too difficult and too expensive to build the integrations between the IT systems to allow these orders to flow automatically to supply chain partners. This means expensive, error-prone, manual processes have to fill the gap.

At Switchboard, we believe that integrating supply chain partners should be fast, easy, and affordable. We are building a cloud-based platform that through one integration, connects you to any supply chain partner.


Experienced team

Our founder, Hugh, has seen the difficulty of integrating supply chain businesses first hand in his time building and running a digital freight forwarding business.

Our technical team have a strong background in software development and product development.



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