Switchboard’s Integration Cloud

Power your supply chain with a single integration. Connect to any trading partner and automate away tedious processes with seamless digital information exchange. Designed for affordability and scalability, unlocking value at any scale, from independent operators through to enterprise-level businesses

One integration to connect to any partner across your whole supply chain

Connect to any trading partner

Integrate once with Switchboard and connect any trading partner across your whole supply chain. Onboard faster, cheaper, and more easily than consultants or in-house solutions

Streamline any process

Replace processes reliant on emails, PDFs, and spreadsheets. Let your systems automatically send and receive your documents including orders, inventory, transport and warehousing

Create a smooth onboarding experience for your partners

Frictionless experience for you and your trading partners. Our optional onboarding widget can be deployed for a simple, no touch onboarding process with any system

Drive greater value for your supply chain

Switchboard has a number of features that will create value for your supply chain including: analytics & reporting, payments processing, data uploads and downloads, workflows, and more.

  • Access clean and structured supply chain data, aiding accurate decision making and laying the foundation for future innovations
  • Process payments to your trading partners directly through Switchboard
  • Build simple, customisable workflows to automate your specific processes
Workflows, Data Uploads & Analytics

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