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One integration to connect to your whole supply chain

Switchboard's integration platform simplifies inventory, ordering and all supply chain documents and processes.

Fast, easy, affordable supply chain integrations

Switchboard makes supply chain integrations easy, giving you visibility over inventory, and fast, accurate ordering to support modern supply chains

Single, easy integration

One easy, modern platform for all your trading partners - no more complex and expensive EDI or API integrations

Affordable and scalable

Switchboard gives you the flexibility to quickly and easily add, remove and change your trading partners without massive upfront fees

Reduced manual handling

Remove the manual handling needed to check inventory, manage ordering and create documentation, reducing cost and improving customer service

Fast, easy, managed

We build and maintain your integrations pathways. Once you're in our network, you're connected!

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Fast and reliable inventory information

Connect to your trading partners to instantly check if they have the inventory on-hand to meet your needs before you process a purchase order.

  • Check stock levels to ensure they can meet you needs

  • Know unit pricing before you process an order

  • See stock locations so that you can plan for any transport or warehousing requirements

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Integrate with your suppliers and customers to quickly and accurately send and receive your orders and documentation

  • Process purchase orders instantly and accurately through our direct integrations to your trading partners

  • Create and send accurate supply chain documentation instantly

  • Streamline the process from checking inventory levels and price to processing your orders

Efficient and accurate purchase order and documentation

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Be a pilot partner

Be one of our pilot customers! Help us shape the future of supply chains and get access to exclusive deals and pricing

Our investors

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