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Easily integrate and exchange data with any supply chain system. Connect to your customers' and suppliers' systems seamlessly, unlocking fast, affordable, and digital supply chains


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"Switchboard's seamless integration solutions transformed our complex data management, enabling effortless onboarding of a wide variety of trading partners, and efficient handling of all transactions"

Paul Simpson

Paul Simpson

Co-Founder & Director


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"Switchboard has transformed our complex supply chain into an effortless experience, enabling rapid and reliable integrations with our diverse range of trading partners, from mid-sized to major retailers."

Ariel Winton

Ariel Winton

Head of Supply Chain & Operations

ABM Global

Conduct any operation your business needs, including...

Purchase & Sales Orders

Purchase & Sales Orders

Automatically send & receive purchase & sales orders with your customers and suppliers



Share product information or inventory levels with your customers and suppliers, or update your own stock

Transport & Warehousing

Transport & Warehousing

Ensure delivery through digitally exchanging shipping orders, confirmations, and milestone updates

Invoicing & Remittance

Invoicing & Remittance

Seamlessly create invoice and remittance documents in your partner's system

Automate away your manual processes

Remove manual handling to eliminate costs and errors from day-to-day operations - no more PDFs, spreadsheets, and emails


Fast and easy onboarding

Easily onboard any trading partner. EDI and API integrations effortlessly deployed to support ordering, inventory, logistics, and any other supply chain operations

Unlimited scalability and flexibility

Integrate with any system enabling unparalleled scalability and adaptability. Onboard all your trading partners with zero friction, at any scale. Effortlessly switch trading partners, operations, and systems, with enterprise-level flexibility

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Unlock the potential of digital supply chains

Switchboard simplifies supply chain operations with fast, easy, affordable integrations, supporting modern supply chains


Faster than other solutions

Quickly onboard any trading partner. All EDI and API integrations deployed in record time


Reduction in manual processes

Remove the manual handling needed to check inventory, manage ordering, and documentation


The cost of existing solutions

Rely on quality integrations to enhance your supply chain at a fraction of the cost

Unlimited scalability and flexibility

Scale your supply chain with uncapped flexibility to add, swap, and drop trading partners at any time

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